Communication is one of the impressive factors in career prospects. There are some people who are naturally gifted communicators, and few need a medium to improve their skills. For them, there are Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses in Malta designed to provide learners with a unique qualification. This course supports their development as managers in the tourism and hospitality industry. This course has different levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, and Level 6. This blog outlines key features of OTHM level 5 extended Diploma qualification.

Key features of OTHM Level 5 Extended Diploma qualifications:

  • This is one of the challenging and exciting programmes of study that is both informative and engaging for students.
  • This course has a simplified structure, making it easy for every student to gain knowledge.
  • You will find all refreshed content that is carefully designed with higher education needs and employers.
  • Students or learners will develop several academic skills such as writing, critical thinking, communication, problem solver, managerial skill, and many more. 
  • Students can pursue crucial subject knowledge that will help in higher studies and the world of work.
  • Lastly, OTHM level 3 set support progression to Level 6. 

Advantages of Studying Tourism and Hospitality Management

Flexible Work schedule

If you’re the one who is tired of doing a 9 to 6 job, a tourism and hospitality programme is the best option. It is not the typical job where one spends the entire day in an office waiting for assigned tasks to finish. In the hotel industry, working fewer than 40 hours a week is frequently possible and still making a full-time wage. Win-win.

You can work both locally and globally

Although many people might be motivated and eager to work in this area, they might not be eager to travel regularly. You can choose to give your time to domestic or foreign travel. We are certain that your country is no different from the rest in having its undiscovered gems. So that while you are still in your home country, you can help to promote it and expand its ability to help foreigners.

There are countless options.

As mentioned above, there are various transferable skills(Communication skills, critical thinking, decision-making skills, and more) that you can learn with a tourism management course. Therefore, we are once again emphasising them. These characteristics in the tourism industry can help you get ready for various issues, circumstances, and locations. Therefore, if you want to combine work and travel, a career in tourism could be the best choice. 

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Think about your involvement in the hospitality sector and the revival and maintenance of important roles in all aspects. It is said that not every hero dons a cape. Sometimes they just work in a field that promotes development, the economy, or the preservation of history and culture.