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About this course

Duration: 1 year

Total Hours: 72

Class Frequency: Daily (during weekdays)

The Intensive English Series (IES) is a twelve-level programme aimed towards developing students’ general English proficiency with an emphasis on academic preparation. With a balanced focus on each of the four major skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing; it is suitable for all kinds of learners ranging from absolute beginners to advanced level students seeking to meet university entry requirements.

Students begin by sitting for our computer-based Placement Test (PT), which will determine their initial proficiency levels. Based on their results, students shall be grouped together with peers of similar abilities and learn English in one of the twelve levels available.

Each course takes approximately four weeks to complete and classes are conducted Monday through Friday. Students will be able to move to a higher level upon successful completion of their current course.

Students who have successfully completed at least Level Eight of our programme can also option to join our IELTS Preparatory Course.

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