• Spouse allowed to travel
  • Work allowed during study
  • Six months work permit after study completion
  • Progress to UK/EU universities
  • Quick offer of place
  • Wide range of UG & PG courses
  • Low student travel/medical insurance
  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • Lot of outdoor activities
  • English speaking country in Europe
  • Free travel to any Schengen country
  • Low cost of living

For further information How to apply for Malta Study Visa, Please visit: https://www.identitymalta.com/unit/central-visa- unit/ 

Gateway Institute of Learning Limited (Institute) is an independent Institute based in Malta (EU) and Higher Education provider registered with MFHEA under the license #2020-014. Our objective is to provide an enriching and success orientated educational service to students of all backgrounds increasing their skills, knowledge and assisting in preparing students for the highly competitive employment market.

We currently offer a selective number of foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses within the disciplines of business, marketing, management, IT, hospitality, health & social care, teachers training and logistics. We also prepare the students for English language exams. Our courses are targeted towards both the EU/non-EU countries.

The Institute’s long-term goals are to provide a range of courses to attract a greater range of students with greater diversity in backgrounds. We aim to provide a more comprehensive choice of courses awarded by UK & EU awarding bodies to prospective students to enhance their career opportunities and for the Institute’s growth potential to be realized.

We operate from purposely designed and adapted premises, located within a busy town centre. The premises consist of several classrooms, computer labs, library facilities, student common room and staff offices. We currently have number of students studying a range of courses from foundation to degree levels.

We provide a range of academic support including pastoral support. All students can expect to receive advice and guidance on matters such as academic progression, health, staying safe, personal/emotional concerns amongst other issues.

When students join, we carry out an initial assessment to identify any additional support that may be necessary, within core learning areas including literacy, ICT as well as individual study types. We ask students to reflect upon their learning styles and devise Individual learning plans, these are reviewed and revised at several points during the year. When students are established on their programmes and the initial assessment and attainment plans are completed, we begin work on ensuring learning and objectives are met. Personal tutors are assigned to students and they are required to meet officially at least twice a semester, however, unofficial meetings can occur frequently. The Institute has devised a set of triggers to be aware of that could lead to underperformance including, poor attendance, behaviour problems, failure to meet academic targets, not submitting written assessments, low grades, complaints from students. Any of these triggers can lead to the tutor sitting with the student to discuss, and encourage. We have a ‘no blame culture’ with our students and work with them to support their learning.

During induction students are advised of where and how they can obtain additional support services. Induction programmes are utilised to deliver essential information on the study programme, its organisation and expectations. Health and safety, institute organisation, expectations of students and policies are discussed too. We stress equality and diversity issues as well as commitment to hard work and help students to understand the consequences of their actions and the implications of any underperformance.

Progress of students is tracked by each lecturer on each module, this information is fed back to the personal tutor who then discusses progress during the bi-semester (over a 12 week period) meetings, in some occasions more frequently where there is cause for concern.

Students who are completing qualifications are given guidance on what opportunities are available to them on completion of their course, including higher Education opportunities and transfer of credits.

We are Higher Education Provider and Operating under the licence No: 2020-014 by Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) and  approved by OTHM (UK)-regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and has established strong academic relationships in the UK/EU and overseas to ensure that our qualifications are recognised globally.

As our qualifications are regulated, graduates are eligible to progress onto undergraduate degree and master’s programmes with advanced entry.

Our qualifications are fully coursework based which means no exam. Use of combination of internally assessed, centre-devised internal assignments and awarding body-set assignments.

We are also accredited and recognize by  LanguageCert and WiDaF.

As a self-improving institute, we are fully committed to continuously reviewing and evaluating all our practices and procedures to ensure we provide the highest quality of education possible to all.

Our commitment to review and evaluate all our practices also enables us to constantly monitor the quality of support, training and continued professional development (CPD) that we offer the staff at our institute.

Self-evaluation processes enable us to gain knowledge of our current strengths, as well as highlighting areas for further development – but the process does not end there. We are committed to developing strategies and structures that support staff to develop their skills and knowledge in order to impact on the constant improvement of teaching, learning and high quality educational provision.

The Gateway Institute of Learning regularly review its practices in order to continually improve its effectiveness at all levels.


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