Diploma in Health and Social Care Course Program in Malta – Gateway Institute

After completing a specific course of study, students go to pursue a diploma. Diploma programmes offer opportunities in a variety of academic fields.

What does a social health diploma entail? Students who complete a diploma degree in this area will be prepared to work with the elderly in healthcare areas. Students will come across several topics, such as managing daily lifestyle, medical procedures, physical care, and mental care, which may be covered. Some possible course subjects include anatomy and physiology, public health, and physiological illnesses. Furthermore, students also learn about issues like rights, diversity, and equality. In other instances, participants have the choice to focus their study on a particular area of interest, such as dementia or learning disabilities.

So, if you’re looking to pursue health and social care courses in Malta, you’re at the right place.


What Will You Learn?

You will learn everything you need to know about this significant organisation in this online health and social care course if you want to pursue a career in this people-focused field.

The work environments are diverse. The major employers include nursing homes, community daycares, hospitals, residential homes and government agencies. However, the major focus is ensuring that children and adults who require assistance from the health and social care system are given the proper services.

Students also have the chance to improve their communication and problem-solving abilities, which can be very helpful in this industry, by earning a health and social care program in Malta. Another skill frequently encouraged is empathy, which can benefit students in their personal life.

Students are advised to get in touch with us if they have questions about this course.

Our Health and Social Care consist of the following levels:

While studying the course material, students must work on the following areas.

  • Elderly / Family Carers
  • Elderly Carers and /or Assistant Nurses at Elderly Homes
  • Assistant Nurses and Hospital Health Carers
  • Hospital Care workers and/or Assistant Nurses

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