Progression to university programmes with advanced standing

Foundation level qualifications (Level 3)

Level 3 qualifications improve subject knowledge and study skills, and prepare learners for undergraduate course at UK universities.

Undergraduate level qualifications (Level 4 & 5)

Level 4 & 5 diploma qualifications are equivalent to Year 1 and 2 respectively of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree. Each level consists of 120 credits.

Completing any of the following diplomas, enable learners to progress onto the next level of Higher Education at UK universities in UK and through their study partners globally.

Undergraduate level qualifications (Level 6)

Level 6 is equivalent to UK degree Final year, allow learners to join relevant Masters programmes.

Postgraduate level qualifications (Level 7)

Level 7 qualifications are same level as Masters degrees. However, they are shorter (120 credits / 60 ECTS) and learners will have to proceed to the dissertation stage (60 credits / 30 ECTS) with university to achieve a full Masters or MBA.