The number of Indian students deciding to pursue higher education overseas significantly changed during the past ten years. The US, Canada, and the UK were the top choices for the majority of students who wanted to pursue higher education in western nations. Thanks to the willingness to pursue better career prospects, many students learned about foreign nations, the top colleges they have to offer, and the prospects they may offer. In the list of preferred study destinations, Malta is a rather new yet seemingly popular choice for many international students, especially Indian students. There is not one but many reasons which make study in Malta for Indian studentsa popular choice. Let us explore the top 6 reasons which are why Indian students are choosing Malta over other foreign destinations to pursue their higher education.

The benefit of Knowing the Dialect 

English and Maltese are the common languages spoken in Malta. Up till the year 1964, Malta was a British colony which is why the locals speak fluent English. This poses an advantage for international students as conversing with local people becomes easier.

Low Cost of Living 

Malta is far more economically sound when compared to other European nations. It is easy for an outsider to live there without having to dip into their savings. Malta offers a high standard of living at affordable prices. Many places offer extra benefits to students, which further reduces costs. There are discounts on public transportation specifically for students.

Easy Access to Visas

The eligibility requirements for student visas are fairly simple, but there are some crucial pieces of paperwork required, such as an original passport recognised by the government of Malta, a copy of particular data or informational pages, a passport photo, and one completed student visa application.

A Safe Living Destination 

One of the safest nations in the world is Malta. The residents of the island are intelligent and incredibly amiable. The island is ranked as one of the safest locations in the world and has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe.

Extraordinary Standard of Living 

Malta is blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine each year, and even during the harshest months, the country has a better climate than many other European nations. Maltese culture celebrates joy and happiness with events and outdoor activities. The cuisine of Malta is diversified, with fresh seafood as their staple food and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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Excellent Choice of Courses 

The University of Malta, which was established in 1592, provides students with a wide range of recognised programmes to choose from. The educational programme is of the highest calibre, and top-notch instructors and lecturers give the students the chance to grow on many levels.

In addition to the ones mentioned in this blog, there are several other reasons too which make study in Malta for Indian students a great choice. If you want to pursue higher education in Malta, Gateway Institute of Learning Limited is a great option for you. Connect with us to learn about our range of courses and enrol today.