The OTHM, Level 4 Diploma in Health and Social Care Management qualification objective, is to provide students with the fundamental information, understanding, and abilities necessary for a managerial-level position in the health and social care industry. With a diploma in health and social care in Malta, students will learn care management techniques for the industry. Through the programme, students can provide documentation from their employment or training activities to demonstrate their talents.

What Models will you learn? 

  • Academic Study Skills – 20 UK CREDITS (10 ECTS) – The purpose of this unit is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in higher education. This will help students develop the reflective and critical thinking abilities needed to reach their full learning potential.
  • 20 UK CREDITS (equal to 10 ECTS) for Communication for Health and Social Care – This unit seeks to increase the learner’s understanding of the many kinds of communication used in health and social care settings and their significance for providing quality services.
  • An Overview of Healthcare Policy – 20 UK CREDITS (10 ECTS) – The purpose of this unit in level 4 health and social care is to increase your understanding of various impacts on healthcare and how they affect policy creation. Learners will be able to explore the most important current concerns affecting policymakers, providers, and those who receive help by evaluating healthcare policy.
  • Reflective Practice: 20 UK CREDITS (10 ECTS) – The goal of this unit is to acquaint the learner with reflective practice in all of its manifestations. In the fields of health and social care, reflection on and within the practice are crucial ideas that support the notion of self-development and the connection between theory and practice.
  • Managing People in Health and Social Care (20 UK CREDITS, or 10 ECTS) – This unit’s goal is to help students understand the procedures used in hiring, supervising, and training employees in the health and social care industries. In this lesson, students will learn about the procedures used to manage people in the health and social care industries.

Concepts in Health and Illness in Sociology – 20 UK CREDITS (10 ECTS)

The objective of this unit is to help learners understand how sociological notions of health and ill health are used to care for practices in the fields of social and medical care. It will allow students to comprehend the nature of modern society and how it affects how people perceive health and bad health.

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The learners will examine the structure of society in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic class and family, as well as how these factors affect health and well-being.

Indeed, level 4 health and social care aim to build knowledge and experience by providing students with the talents and competencies they need to work. Gateway Institute of Learning Limited (Institute) is here to enhance your career in a variety of industries. Visit us to learn more about our courses.