Over 59 million people worldwide are working in the health and social field. This role requires effective and skilled professionals to be in the right place at the right time.  

Health and social care programme is considered one of the most rewarding educational experiences. This provides a broad range of services in both the public and private sectors. However, the job can vary from those who treat illness to those who want to look after others as caretakers and provide clinical & non-clinical support. Learners enrolling for this programme will also come across various topics like drug side effects, treating mental health, combating people, and many more. 

So, if you want to learn about Health and Social Courses in Malta, familiarise yourself with the benefits you could experience in this role. 

You can find your speciality.

If you opt for a health and social care programme, you may be able to find employment in a wide range of areas. There is the option to specialise in specific care and support areas based on your preferences. These are possible after achieving the necessary health and social care degree. Given below are some of the most demanded speciality: 

  • Adult Nurse
  • Youth Worker
  • Social Worker
  • Caretaker
  • Counsellor
  • Therapist

You’ll significantly improve someone’s life.

You might help someone recovering from an accident or with a physical disability, a learning disability, autism, and dementia.

Regardless of who you cooperate with, you have the power to impact someone’s life significantly. This may make it an extremely fulfilling job that frequently attracts people to the industry.

Growth and Satisfaction at work

There are many prospects for growth and advancement in health and social care services because this sector keeps expanding and changing.

Furthermore, you will automatically have a sense of job satisfaction since every day you work, you will positively impact the lives of so many others. It is gratifying and enjoyable to care for others by watching your patients improve due to your efforts and dedication.

There is a demand for skilled caregivers.

By 2030, the industry must recruit enough workers to fill an additional 500,000 positions to meet the rising demand for adult social care services.

Employers are increasingly prioritising candidates’ beliefs over their educational background and work history; if you fit the position, this implies you have more options to work in social care without having a background in the field.

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Get Started With Your Career In Health and Social Care

If you choose to pursue your career in health and social care, look through the courses offered at Gateway Institute of Learning. Beginning from the bottom level and working your way up to the 5th level, we are here to help you with your higher education. Visit us to let us know and enrol for the Health and Social Care courses in Malta.