The hospitality industry in Malta is an umbrella covering a plethora of engaging and creative career options. The industry is constantly growing, diversifying, and evolving to new trends. So what keeps you waiting? Jump on board and explore the career opportunities in the hospitality industry that await you because there’s a lot more than what meets your eye. 

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing and evolving industries in the world right now. According to a report by Ernst & Young, the hospitality industry will soon become the single largest employer across the globe, contributing to 1 out of 11 jobs. 

Embarking on a career in the hospitality industry in a country like Malta can be hugely rewarding. It is a service-based industry; and comprises lodging, food and drink service, event planning, transportation and a lot more. Therefore, considering the type of work required, an aspirant needs to acquire people skills and the desire to work hard to scale heights in their career in the hospitality industry. As it is a people-intensive sector, this industry is in constant demand for people. Let’s learn about the career scope in this industry.

Career Scope in Hospitality

There’s a lot of scope in the hospitality industry. It is quite larger than one can imagine. The graph shows an upward movement and ensures deploying a large number of people in the near future. However, it may seem like a glamorous industry, but a candidate has to be on their toes to anticipate the needs of their guests.

One has to keep trying to sail smoothly in every situation. A Management post graduate diploma in Malta can be of great help. A management degree and other degrees related to hospitality can assist people in understanding the requirements of the industry and help people work on their skills. 

Career Opportunities in Hospitality Industry

There is a wealth of opportunities in the hospitality industry that aspirants can avail of. Let’s have a look at it: 

  1. Food & Beverage Management: A person working in food and beverage management will be responsible for everything related to food and beverage, such as ordering products, hiring new staff, and maintaining profit and loss sheets. This career requires one to have phenomenal social and analytical skills. An ideal candidate is someone who is organized, service-oriented, calm under pressure, and business-minded. 
  2. Resort management: From the moment a guest steps in, the front office and its people serve as the face of the company. So an individual working here must be not only knowledgeable about the products & services they offer but also be friendly, service-oriented, and be able to give insights into the surrounding area. 
  3. Restaurant management: This is a dynamic position where a person is required to lead a team of employees who serve food and beverage. A restaurant manager holds the responsibility for the overall function of the inventory, operation, ordering, and budgeting. 

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Apart from these jobs, there are a plethora of other jobs in the hospitality industry. So if you are looking forward to making a career in this industry and want to take up a management post graduate diploma in Malta, get associated with Gateway Institute of Learning Limited (Institute). We offer an array of courses for various industries to help you build a career successfully.